Refugees and migrant people of colour tend to be exploited and addressed as exotic sexual beings while not being able to create a real connection in their new country of residency. Inspired by curated scenes from Bruce la Bruce, Berlin Drifters and Welcome Refugees, three films that address this topic, our guests share and discuss their personal experiences after moving to The Netherlands.


  • We start with the screening of Bruce la Bruce’s Welcome Refugees
  • Panel: Larry van Dijk (Trinidad Tobego), Fayaaz Joemmanbaks & Nida
  • Moderated by: Sudeep Dasgupta

About the speakers

Sudeep Dasgupta is an Associate Professor in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He lectures and has published extensively in the fields of global media, aesthetics, post-colonialism, gender and sexuality. With his critical and experienced view on film, he is also part of the IQMF programming team.

Nida Pervaiz is a 33 year old lesbian from Pakistan. She is proud and out and came to the Netherlands in 2016. She was illegal for 2 years and is legally back in the asylum procedure again. She is a volunteer at Cocktail Midden Nederland and is one of the participants in QFMV radio podcast.

Fayaaz is 24 years old, with Surinamese background and migrated in 2012 to the Netherlands. He self-identifies as gender fluid.

He is involved for 5 years now in the area of human rights, specifically with multicultural LGBTQIA+. He has led projects of queer refugees, worked at COC The Hague, volunteer work at STI AIDS Netherlands, and is currently a board member of Colored Qollective (safe space for queer people of color in Utrecht).

Tamara Shogaolu has spent most of her life living between Panama, the U.S. and the Middle East and currently resides in the Netherlands. As an artist, she is interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling to tell stories in various mediums, platforms, in virtual and physical spaces that promote cross-cultural understanding and challenge preconceptions.

Larry (39) was born and raised in south American in a Caribbean island. He was the personal adviser and chief of staff of prime Minister of his country for over 5 years. After he was outed in public he had to flee his country immediatly in (2015). He currently lives in Groningen and works for a football club. And volunteers at COC and alfa college as a gast docent.