Three speakers from the queer & migrant community reflect on this years highlights and setbacks in queer activism, the status of allies and adversary’s and discuss whether the very diverse queer community of the Netherlands is represented by the right people in the right places.

IQMF hosted this talk for the first time in 2017 and has decided to make this a recurring discussion due to its continuing relevancy.

– Bo Hanna, opinionmaker, Vice / Broadley
 Plette ter Veld
– Tirsa WithUniversity of Color 

Moderator: JNM (the Naked MC)


About Speakers

JNM (the Naked MC)
In the magical year of 1983, the summer child of Surinamese descent known as JNM (the Naked MC) claimed her space on Planet Earth.

At an early age she already knew that the spotlight is her peace. Dancing, singing and acting in front of the mirror became her daily routine.

Up till today this ritual hasn’t changed much, even though her mirror is often more replaced for stages like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, Uitmarkt, IDFA, Kunstbende, Amsterdam Roots Festival and Milkshake Festival. The list adds up as this all-round artist takes herself places she dwells in. JNM is a pleasure to the ear, eye & soul.

Bo Hanna
Bo Hannah was born in Sweden, has Coptic-Egyptian roots and grew up in the Netherlands. He studied French and Middle-Eastern Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Born out of his own struggles with identity, ethnicity, sexuality and the pressure to conform, he started writing about gender, sexuality and ethnicity in an intersectional way. His main purpose is to offer a new narrative that encourages people to love whomever they want to love. He also wants to offer an alternative for the dominant view we tend to have in Western media, where diversity themes are only promoted as ultimate Western.

Jo-Ann With​
Jo-Ann With is a femme queer, curator, product design student and co-founder of the art collective for and by womxn of color: ANTI-BODIES.
Her experience with dealing with manic depression and anxiety led to her becoming pro radical selfcare and pro the right to sometimes just “exist” in your poc body. She also fights for the emancipation of queers of color and is also demanding a seat at the table for those who identify as femme.

Plette ter Veld
Plette studied fine art at the Utrecht School of Arts and a few years of Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. Now Plette works at Utrecht University as an IT professional. Along with Ms. Tobi from Berlin Plette creates large steel sculptures, Plette acts as a performer and has a long history as queer-, AIDS- and gender-activist. For years Plette organizes festivals and all kinds of art and queer events. In the distant past Plette (Paul) even toured with a band through the Netherlands and in that time was a radio producer as well. Although Plette has been a gender activist for years and “he” actually is a huge trans-in-the-closet, Plette is one of the founders of TranScreen.