De Balie Welcomes Modern Icons

De Balie Welcomes Modern Icons

De Balie produces programmes about art, culture and politics. Over the span of 35 years, we have become a leading venue for cutting-edge debates, films and art projects. Currently our building is being renovated. Hence the giant poster that shows a few of the modern icons who took the stage at De Balie.  

The upcoming months De Balie again invites leading international thinkers and artists. Philosopher Etienne Balibar talks about the European elections, writer Francis Fukuyama shares his thoughts on our political culture and political philosopher Chantal Mouffe discusses a new form of populism. Want to keep up to date with our programming? Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Shown on our giant poster:

Clarence Seedorf about sports during Hot Games; Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón during Forum on European Culture; performer Mamela Nyamza danced at AfroVibes festival; Benjamin Herman and his trio performed at Toonzetters; Zineb El Rhazoui about the importance of the secular state; Timothy Snyder warned the audience for an increasingly authoritarian world; the Iranian women’s rights activist Maryam Namazie during her Freedom Lecture; Arnon Grunberg talked with Marlene Dumas about her work; Typhoon about his life as a black artist in the Netherlands; Sanem Kalfa sang beautifully during an evening about Duygu Asena; Taiye Selasi shared wise lessons on black identity and Marc Mulders inspired the audience in his live studio.

Photos: Jan Boeve

Design: Zsarà Grünfeld