Important to know when visiting De Balie

Due to the various COVID-19 measures, your visit will not be exactly as you may remember from before. Please read the FAQ below so that you can properly arrange your visit to De Balie.

For us, the safety of our visitors, speakers and employees is paramount and we have fully implemented the precautionary measures prescribed by the RIVM (National Institute for Health and the Environment) for theatres.

What are the measures in place at De Balie?
  • Your ticket is only valid in combination with a valid QR-code in the CoronaCheck app.
  • If you do not have a vaccination or recovery certificate and you still want to join our program, you will have to get tested. You can see which test locations are nearby via
  • In order to prevent unnecessary passing of visitor flows, overlap in the entry and exit of visitors to (film) programs is avoided as much as possible.
  • Additional hygiene measures have been taken. Contact surfaces have been reduced and are cleaned more frequently and thoroughly, and there is ample disinfectant gel available for visitors and employees.
How can you contribute to a pleasant visit?
  • Only come if you and your household are free of any flu-like symptoms.
  • Only pay using electronic means (e.g. PIN debit card).
  • Arrive well in time for your programme or film screening – this way we can best spread the visitor flow.
  • Give each other ample space.
Questions and answers
I bought a ticket for a film screening / programme. How can I be sure it is not cancelled?

If screenings or programmes do get cancelled, we will inform visitors with tickets asap via e-mail and update the website.

What does a visit to the café-restaurant look like?

Your are most welcome in our café and on our terrace. Reservations can be made on our website. From Wednesday to Saturday it is possible to dine in. Our café is open on the others days, but we do not serve dinner.

The programme I want to attend is sold out. Is there a waiting list?

We do not work with (digital) working lists at present. Due to the limited number of seats, programmes sell out more quickly, although tickets can always become available again. We therefore recommend that you keep your eye on the programme page and our social media for all the latest updates. Are you really keen on joining the programme? You could wait until all visitors have entered the auditorium to ask the boxoffice employee if there’s any seats left. But this is quite a gamble! Watching along online at home is the safe option.

I made a mistake when placing my order. Can I have my money back?

Always check your order in the email message. In case of any mistake, we can only return (part of) your order within 48 hours of purchase. In (almost) all other cases, we cannot accept returns of purchased tickets. Visitors not wanting to use their tickets can try to resell the tickets through their own network or via platforms like TicketSwap. See also our Facebook events, where you can draw attention to tickets offered via TicketSwap.

Please notify us of a cancellation well in time via If the programme sells out, then your cancellation could make someone else very happy.

When does the discount price apply?

The discount price per person is applied upon presenting a student card, CJP card, Stadspas or Offscreen membership card.

I, or someone in my household or my company, is showing flu-like symptoms. What now?

Stay at home! The RIVM has drawn up a list of complaints here which may not have occurred in the past 24 hours at least, in order for you to visit restaurants or theatres. Unfortunately, purchased tickets cannot be returned. But our programmes can (almost always) be followed live via our livestream, so you can still enjoy the evening that way.

Please notify us of a cancellation well in time via If the programme sells out, then your cancellation could make someone else very happy.

How does De Balie refresh and/or circulate the air in the auditoriums?

Our ventilation system is permanently on. As a precautionary measure, the air-conditioning system is not used at present. The ventilation system draws in fresh air from outside, so it does not recirculate the air inside.

We are closely monitoring and implementing the precautionary measures and updates issued by the state government and the RIVM.

Thank you for your confidence in us! In case of any questions, please ask them via or – we are happy to answer them.