We Are Reopening!

We will be open again from 1 June, all corona proof. The photo above is still from the old reality. Wondering what it looks like now? Visit us again! You should know the following before your visit:

I want to go to a movie or program, can I buy a ticket at the box office?
All tickets can only be purchased online via the De Balie website. Here you will find the full program and here our film programming. In August and September, the maximum capacity of a program is 70 visitors.

The cash desk in De Balie is currently not open for ticket sales. The cash register can be reached by telephone from 10:00 to 21:00 on 020 5535 100.

Do you have tickets for a program that has been canceled and haven’t yet received an email about this? Please contact the cash register at

I want to visit the restaurant or outdoor terrace of De Balie, how do I arrange this?
Be welcome! We are open from 09:00 for breakfast, coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner. We ask visitors to reserve a place in advance in the café-restaurant or on the terrace via our website.

Does it look fully booked online? Please call our café on 020 5535 130. We might still have a spot for you!

What does De Balie do to make my visit safe?
We follow government regulations and recommendations from the industry association for theatres. It is the responsibility of the visitors themselves to come to De Balie only in good health and in limited company.

In De Balie we have implemented extra hygiene measures in the halls, the café-restaurant and on the terrace.

I do not want to visit De Balie for the time being, but I think it is important that the discussion about topics that concern us all be conducted again in public. How can I support De Balie in this?

We are amazed by how many people want to support the public conversation and De Balie. The possibilities to become a Friend of De Balie and other memberships can be found here.

With your support, De Balie ensures that our programs on current social issues remain independent, that they are accessible to everyone, and that they reach the public, the press and politicians across the board.

Why have ticket prices been increased?

We temporarily ask for a corona surcharge per ticket for the programs in order to be able to pay for all necessary measures for the proper reception of a limited audience and our guests. We offer various attractive food and drink packages. In addition, we also broadcast most programs online. For this, we greatly appreciate a voluntary viewing and listening contribution from our online visitors. The viewing and listening contribution fully benefits the (online) programming of De Balie.

We are very happy welcoming you again, see you soon at De Balie!