De Balie x WCA: Radiograph of a family

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Firouzeh Khosrovani
Iran, Norway
Persian, French
program editor & moderator
Parwin Mirrahimy
During the annual World Cinema Amsterdam festival of Rialto, De Balie presents a special screening of the much acclaimed Radiograph of a family. This personal and intimate film won the best feature-length documentary prize at IDFA in 2020. In it, Iranian filmmaker Firouzeh Khosrovani reconstructs her parents’ unhappy Arranged marriage, using family photos and videos.

What effect does an arranged marriage have on children? And what is it like to live together for two strangers? In Radiograph of a familyFirouzeh Khosrovani closely examines the phenomenon of arranged marriage by reconstructing the history of her own family, and the lives her parents lived in separation. Together with Firouzeh (via a video-call) and alderman of Tynaarlo Oetra Gopal, who was married off herself, we will discuss a practice that has been going on for centuries.

The talk after the film will be in two parts: the first half of the talk will be in English, the second part of the conversation will be in Dutch with alderman Oetra Gopal.


Firouzeh Khosrovani is a filmmaker from Iran. She settled in Italy and graduated the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera. She made her filmmaking debut with a documentary about the Iran-Iraq War. She is the director of the acclaimed films Rough Cut, a documentary about mutilated mannequins (a metaphor for the veiled Iranian woman) and 1001 Irans, in which Westerners express their opinions about Iran.

Oetra Gopal is alderman of Tynaarlo in the Netherlands. Like many children of Hindu parents, Gopal was married off when she was 21. She married a man she didn’t know, and later divorced him. Having been an alderman in Hoogezand-Sappemeer for eight years, she is now one in Tynaarlo, where she manages a portfolio of art and culture, as well as the social domain and sustainability.


Firouzeh KhosrovaniDirector
Oetra Gopalalderman Tynaarlo