During the event we watch four short films during IQMF.

Al Otro Lado/The other side 
Felipe and Claudio have a unique relationship when destiny pulls them apart and sets Felipe on a journey where he risks everything in his pursuit of happiness. Will he meet Claudio again, on the other side of the border?
#ifyoulove young love 

High Tide + Q&A  
Tarik, a 32-year old Dutch-Moroccan man, spends his time alone in a holiday cottage on the rural Veluwe to avoid the divorce with his wife. Shortly after his arrival he meets Jonas, the owner of the cottage. From that moment on, Tarik is confronted with feelings he has been suppressing his entire life.
#ifyoulove unexpected romance (spoiler alert) and Dutch countryside

Irish Goodbye  
Strangers from opposite ends of the earth: Nizar, a Syrian refugee and Eric an Irish tourist, meet in the City of Angels and embark on a journey of trust, abandonment, tragedy and privilege.
#ifyoulove surprise encounters & American city life 

Into the Rainbow 
A short fiction film by young Iranian filmmaker Hasan Najmabadi, about two lesbian girls who want to escape Iran with the help of a smuggler.
#ifyoulove independent women & deserted landscapes