Exhibition: We Cannot Move by Antonis Pittas

31 mei – 1 juli 2023

Antonis Pittas

Forum on European Culture

Antonis Pittas’ work touches upon a range of ideas that move us politically, socially and culturally. He uses manipulated photographs or news images, and familiar shapes and colours that represent different modernist ideals and its tactile consequences we see in our contemporary society.

Protesters whose yellow vests have become a symbol of social inequality and the fragile relationship between the state and its inhabitants, or refugees forced to await their fate in an inhospitable place. Wry consequences of a society that seems increasingly obsessed with safety and control, but for whom?

By using elements that are found in our public spaces, he raises questions about the historical events and ideologies that shaped these spaces, and how we shape them today.

Taking the Forum on European culture as point of departure, Pittas presents various works in public areas throughout the monumental building of De Balie.

The exhibition We Cannot Move opens during the Forum on European Culture and runs from 31 May – 1 July in De Balie. On the 4th of June from 16:15 – 17:15 you can meet the artist. Antonis Pittas will elaborate on his work and the exhibition in De Balie. This event has free entrance, please register here.

Website Antonis Pittas

Antonis Pittas, Jaune, Geel, Gelb, Yellow. 
Acts of Modernism with Theo van Doesburg
, 2021/22 | Installation view: ΕΜΣΤ. Photograph: Studio Vaharidis