“I’m actually not that much of a “I don’t like to be in front of the camera” guy but I like the idea of a artist with no face, like Mf Doom with the mask I don’t like to show my self that much. Although there was this time I thought about vlogging to get more attention to my photography ha ha.


The craft analogue photography fits me because I like the time and knowledge you have to put in it to make a good photo. I later started interning at a Photolab to get to know more about how the developing and printing process works. When taking pictures I want control.

By using alienating pink colors, Willem creates his own world, which does not look like a Dutch dune landscape.

Maintaining a quality and keeping up with a personal signature. Creating images you strongly believe in. Making images likeable and portfolio worthy in a week, month or a year. Is a struggle every photographer/artist (what ever you want to call) has to deal with. I believe on a more long term approach to my work. Rather thinking long term when it comes to collaborations, investment and teaming up with other creatives. While it might be attractive to work one or to times with a brand to simply check it of the list. I’d rather shape our creations over a period of time getting to get a final.jpeg rather then it to be a quick shoot.”