Here but there is the result of 1,5 years of work and travels throughout five countries: Thailand, Singapore, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Ecuador.


“What inspired me to create this series was my surprise to see how homogeneous the people of the world behave, this also includes the approach of technology and our relationship to it. This series portrays how we miss out on the amazing little things in life because of our smartphones and overall addiction to the idea of connection and that extreme need for constantly sharing experiences. This series shows our obsession with our smartphones as a society on three continents and how much we may need to actually disconnect in order to really connect.

The author
Fabiola Minda (Ecuador, 1986) is a documentary photographer based in The Netherlands. Her biggest passion is storytelling. Over the years as an instinctive communicator, her primary tools have been script writing, writing and photography. “As a photographer, my passion lies in portraying people around. I love letting people see how we do not differ much from one another and to make people feel closer to others and experience that thing that binds us all and sometimes we forget: our humanity and love.”