Kick Off Event: De Balie & De Brauw

Fake News and Vaccines: what is the cure for misinformation?

Moderator De Balie
Tim Wagemakers
Moderator De Brauw
Bas Boutellier

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In tonight’s talk show, we launch a new partnership between De Brauw and De Balie. This partnership will allow everyone at De Brauw to hear from previously unheard voices and actively participate in debates concerning all kinds of societally relevant topics. To illustrate just how interesting – and amazingly complicated – participating in public discourse can be, we discuss two very urgent topics of debate: fake news and vaccines.

In times of crisis, misinformation abounds: in the past months, we’ve witnessed fake news thrive in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. While misinformation flourishes, the quality of our public discourse faces a real threat. What realistic solutions exist that can help shield the public discourse from the problem of fake news?

Relevant to the question of fake news is the topic of vaccination. Despite being a cause for widespread celebration, Covid-19 vaccines have been met with significant public hesitancy. How valid are arguments against vaccination? And how does the debate around vaccination sit in the context of fake news?


Talitha MuusseGeneration Expert
Bernard LeenstraGP in training & entrepreneur
Danielle AretsJournalism tutor Fake News
Eliot HigginsFounder Bellingcat

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