Afrovibes Performance: The Waterproofed Artist

Performance | Solo | Morocco

Afrovibes Festival 2024
Curated by
Marjorie Boston

This talk is part of Afrovibes Festival, taking place at De Balie on 11 and 12 October, featuring a lineup of performances and talks.

In the interactive dance performance The Waterproofed Artist, Moroccan choreographer Youness Atbane takes a sceptical look at the power dynamics within the global art scene.

The performance is set in 2048, during the 72nd edition of the famous Venice Biennale. As always, each participating country has its own floating pavilion. This year, a new pavilion represents the entire global South: it brings together most influential artists from the MENA region. The festivities come to a rough halt when – as climatologists had predicted – Venice begins to sink. Only when all the artists see themselves and their artworks floating on the surface of the water does the true process of criticism begin.

With The Waterproof Artist, Atbane takes a critical look at postcolonial art in the global South. In doing so, he aims to contribute to a new vision of contemporary art practices in the South.

Afrovibes Talk

Previous to the performance you can visit the Afrovibes Talk: Belonging, Exuberance and Decolonizing the arts (see below). You can buy a combi ticket to visit both the talk and performance.

Programma / vr 11 oktober 2024

Afrovibes Talk: Belonging, Exuberance and Decolonizing the arts

A conversation with artists and curators on power, redistribution, and belonging in the contemporary art world.