Afrovibes x ZAM: how we made it – African artists center stage

Marjorie Boston (Afrovibes)
ZAM magazine
Merlijn Geurts
For three days contemporary artists from Uganda, Mozambique, Namibi, South Africa and the Netherlands meet on stage at De Balie for the 18th edition of Afrovibes festival. With dance, spoken word, conversations and music.

This night, together with leading opinionistas, co-hosts Ikenna Azuike and Ms. Aba will explore the themes that inspire Africa’s new brand of creatives: What do African identities mean to tradition and modern trends, to reality and phantasy, to the African continent and Europe? What moves these African performing artists? How do they present their worlds?

With spoken word by Lisette Ma Neza

This dynamic, interactive programme brings you some of the best acts and artists of the 2021 Afrovibes Festival.

This night of Afrovibes is twofold:
– Talkshow: how we made it – African artists center stage
– Performance: smeer

Please note; upon arrival we ask for a vaccination- or test certificate. Read here everything you need to know when visiting De Balie

About the speakers

Trixie Munyama is a movement performer, choreographer, and facilitator. She is currently a lecturer in Dance Studies at the College of the Arts, Windhoek.

Babah Tarawally is a journalist and writer. After fleeing his mother country Sierra Leone, Tarawally published several novels based on personal experiences and African philosophy. He’s a columnist for the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

Jelili Atiku is a Nigerian multimedia performance artist and sculptor with political concerns for human rights and justice. His performance with drawing, photography, installation sculpture, video and live performance have made him one of the most recognized performance artists from Nigeria around the world.

Lisette Ma Neza is a slam poet and musician. She is born in the Netherlands, but lives in Brussels where is doing film studies.

MS. ABA (also known as Augustina Austin), is a multi-faceted artist: a presenter, broadcaster, public speaker, performerand creative entrepreneur.


Ikenna AzuikeBroadcaster, presenter (What’s up Africa), documentary maker
Ms. AbaBroadcaster, presenter
Trixie MunyamaPerformer, choreographer | Photo: Jacob Shichilenge
Babah TarawallyWriter & journalist
Jelili AtikuMultimedia artist | photo: Enoh Lienemann
Lisette Ma NezaSlam/Music Poetess
Programma / vr 8 oktober 2021

Afrovibes: smeer

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