Linor Goralik on Artivism

Part of Artists Against the Kremlin

Artists against the Kremlin
De Balie in cooperation with
The Moscow Times and All Rights Reversed

This programme is part of Artists Against the Kremlin, a showcase of anti-war, anti-authoritarianism art presented by The Moscow Times, All Rights Reversed gallery and De Balie in Amsterdam from Augustus 3 to September 3.

In the days following Russia’s aggressive full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Ukrainian-born artist and writer Linor Goralik launched the online arts magazine ROAR (Resistance and Opposition Arts Review), which collects dissident opinions expressed through texts, music, and artworks. ROAR is officially banned by the Russian government, and Linor Goralik has been labeled a ‘foreign agent’ and enemy of the state. Despite these risks, Goralik and her team continue to provide a platform for dissident culture. We speak with Linor Goralik about artivism in Russia and abroad, discussing what is needed to support anti-war voices and keep dissident culture alive, especially as many dissidents have left Russia and all forms of protest are aggressively suppressed by the Kremlin. Linor will also be presenting her latest, sixth novel in the Venisana series.

Resistance art is a symptom: when art starts, it’s a sure sign that the sick regime is doomed and dying.

Linor Goralik
Linor Goralik, Trinity in Bucha | Courtesy photo

About the speakers

Linor Goralik, born in 1975 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, is an award-winning poet, prose author, critic, comics artist, and journalist. She has published nearly twenty books and a substantial amount of material online. She is the founder of ROAR and Novosti-26, a news channel that reports on events in Russia in accessible language for teenagers aged 12-14. Linor Goralik’s artwork Five Icons About War will be exhibited at Artists Against the Kremlin. Please read more about Linor Goralik in this interview with her in The Moscow Times.

Photo by: Victoria Nazarova


Linor GoralikWriter, artist | (c) Victoria Nazarova