Masih Alinejad and the fight for women’s rights

Ianthe Mosselman
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Gemeente Amsterdam
Activist, journalist, and writer Masih Alinejad founded a major movement for women around the world. She strives for equal rights for girls and women. During this evening we will talk with her about freedom, the maltreatment that girls and women in Afghanistan and Iran face, the mechanism of power and the repression of women and what should and could be done about this.

Sometimes there is a single person that does change the course of history. Masih Alinejad is this person. Alinejad is an awe-inspiring journalist and activist from a small village in Iran, who started a major movement by the removal of her hijab, that is compulsory in Iran. Her activism comes at great costs, she is unable to visit her native country to see her family and is being threatened. She has been speaking out against the Iranian governments’ corrupt policies for decades.

With Alinejad, we will discuss both the current situation for women’s rights in Iran. What she fears will happen to women in Afghanistan. We will look at who should take responsibility for this and the reasons why men are so afraid for women having the same rights as they have.

This program is part of the Freethinkers festival. The Freethinkers festival is organized in collaboration with the Amsterdam city council, after councilor Diederik Boomsma proposed to organize a series of talks to underline the importance of our fundamental rights, such as the freedom of speech.

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