Cancelled | Renzo Martens: 12 years after Enjoy Poverty

Has anything changed after a decade?

Rokhaya Seck

This programme has been cancelled! 

Twelve years after his ground-breaking documentary Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2008), artist Renzo Martens is about to premiere a new film at this year’s IDFA, called White Cube. In this documentary Martens followed Congolese plantation workers who built a museum on a former Unilever plantation to buy back their own land. During this event Martens reopens the debate on exploitation, discusses the responsibility of the art world and multinationals and gives you a little sneak preview of his new film. 

About Enjoy Poverty

Investigating the economic value of one of the Democratic Republic Congo’s most lucrative export product, poverty, Renzo Martens’ provocative film Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2008) remains a landmark intervention into debates about contemporary art’s relationship to exploitative economies. In a two year journey in plantations and battlefields, Martens carried around a neon sign that read ‘Enjoy poverty’.

Since 2008 Martens has been investigating further. What do living conditions on plantations have to do with the art world? Do museums have anything to do with it? Can the museum be repurposed by plantation workers to get back their own land?


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Renzo MartensArtist and filmmaker
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Critique in Practice: Renzo Martens‘ “Episode III: Enjoy Poverty” (2019)