Winners European Press Prize 2020

“European journalism looks east with winners from Bosnia, Georgia, Romania, Russia and Slovakia”

As a founding partner of the European Press Prize, we are proud to share the winners of the European Press Prize 2020.

Journalists and projects from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and The Netherlands, are honoured and awarded for outstanding achievements in European journalism.

The panel of judges, consisting of Alan Rusbridger, Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, Juan Luis Sánchez, Sylvie Kauffmann, and Yevgenia Albats, chose, after carefully considering all 24 nominees on the shortlist, winners in four categories (Investigative Reporting, Distinguished Reporting, Opinion and Innovation) and a Special Award winner.

This are the winners of the European Press Prize 2020:

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING AWARD – For discovering and revealing facts, exposing hidden news to the public.

Winner: Trigger Warning by Annemarte Moland, Even Kjølleberg, Ruben Solvang (Norway), published by NRK (Norway)

DISTINGUISHED REPORTING AWARD – For exceptional reporting, telling a story in the best possible way.

Winner: The Uyghur Women Fighting China’s Surveillance State by Isobel Cockerell (UK), published by Coda Story (Georgia)

Illustratie: Natasha Wigoder

OPINION AWARD – For a remarkable textual interpretation of the world we live in.

Winner: How We Stopped Being Comrades by Beata Balogová (Slovakia), published by SME (Slovakia)

Foto: Marko Erd

INNOVATION AWARD – For challenging the current boundaries of journalism by finding new ways to engage with audiences.

Winner: How DoR organized an all-team pop-up newsroom in Transylvania by the team of Decât o Revistă (Romania), published by Decât o Revistă (Romania)

Foto: DoR

SPECIAL AWARD – The judges award a special prize for excellent journalism to one striking entry which defies categories and disciplines.

Winner: Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH).

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