World Cinema Amsterdam

A film festival organized by Rialto and De Balie I August 17 – 23

World Cinema Amsterdam Festival takes you on a film trip around the world, presenting the best films from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the festival. Together with Rialto we celebrate world cinema with a special focus on Indonesia.

Join us for films, special programmes, Q&A’s, food, drinks and our roundtable on diversity and inclusion in the film industry!

Festival Programme

Saturday 17 August

Temblores (Guatamala) Temblores shows a family man torn between the love for his family, the boundaries of religion and the freedom to choose who to love.

Ceniza Negra (Argentina) In a small village off the coast lives 13-year-old Selva with Tata, her grandfather, and his alcoholic girlfriend Elena. Selva’s childhood comes to an end when Elena suddenly disappears and Tata loses the will to live.

Sunday 18 August

Roundtable Diversiteit & Inclusiviteit (This event will be in Dutch). Drie bi-culturele filmmakers met roots in Afrika, Azië, Latijns-Amerika en het Caribisch gebied, Tessa Boerman, Hesdy Lonwijk en Itandehui Jansen en Hoofd Nieuw Screen NL bij het Filmfonds, Dorien van de Pas, gaan in gesprek over diversiteit en inclusiviteit in het Nederlandse filmlandschap en delen hun professionele en persoonlijke ervaringen. Met een inleiding door scenarist en filmmaker Amira Duynhouwer.

Tiempo de Lluvia (Mexico) What happens to a culture’s identity and continuity when the younger generation is forced to leave for other places because they offer better prospects? Soledad lives with her 7-year-old grandson José in Oaxaca, Mexico. One day Soledad’s daughter calls: she’s is getting married and wants José to come and live with her in the city.

De Libi (The Netherlands) This comical “road movie” follows the friends Bilal, Gregg and Kev on their 24-hour quest across Amsterdam. A film about an irrepressible zest for life and dreams of a future filled with endless possibilities.

Monday 19 August

Mountain Song + Short Film: Rest in Peace (Indonesia)
6-year-old Gimba lives with his mother in a remote corner of Sulawesi. She is ill and he is afraid she will die. To comfort him, she has taught him a special song that brings calm and happiness when he is alone.

Sibel (Turkey) Addition to the spoken language, the people of Kuşköy, Turkey also communicate through whistling. For 25-year-old Sibel it’s the only language at her disposal, as she is mute. Her fellow villagers shun her as if she is cursed. To win them over, she decides to go search for a dangerous wolf. One day, instead of the wolf, she encounters a wounded man. He sees her with different eyes.

Tuesday 20 August

Öndög (Mongolia) A dead woman’s body is discovered on the Mongolian steppe. A rookie cop is charged with guarding the corpse, assisted by a herdswoman. In the cold night they end up in each other’s arms.

Divino Amor (Brazil) Brazil, 2027: civil servant Joana is in charge of divorce cases, but as a religious woman she actually tries to prevent divorces from happening. Instead, she sends her clients to the Divine Love sex therapy group.

Wednesday 21 August

La Camarista (Mexico) Eve is a chambermaid at a luxury hotel in Mexico City. She works long hours for little pay, dreaming of a better life. But how likely is that to happen?

Memories of My Body + Short Film: A Gift (Indonesia) Director Garin Nugroho combines traditional and modern Javanese dance to tell a poetic story about the beauty of the human body and discovering personal sexual identity, following four stages in the life of Juno.

Thursday 22 August

The Seen and Unseen + Short Film: Elinah (Indonesia) 10-year-old Tantra is gravely ill. He is dying. His mother and twin sister Tantri watch helplessly as he slips into a coma. At night, Tantri dreams of when her brother was not yet ill. She dreams of them playing, singing, and dancing together again. Her dreams are a tribute to Tantra’s life.

The Song of the Grassroots + Short Film: It’s Wijilan (Indonesia) The Indonesian Wiji Thukul was not only a poet, but also a human rights activist. He disappeared without a trace in 1998. His now 21-year-old son Fajar Merah tries to keep the memory of his father alive by putting the poems of his father into music.

Friday 23 August

The Burial of Kojo (Ghana) Shortly after moving to Accra, Esi’s father starts his illegal job in a gold mine. He goes missing the very first day. Esi sets out to find him, embarking on a mystical journey.

Gully Boy (India) His job as a taxi driver in Mumbai has made Murad Ahmed aware of all the poverty and inequality in the city. He has always been fascinated by rap and finds out it is a good way to express his thoughts. He starts to write his own lyrics and turns out to be talented.

Sunday 18 August: De Libi