De Balie Kijkt: Here We Move Here We Groove

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+ After talk with director Sergej Kreso & DJ Robert Soko

Sergej Kreso
program editor
Parwin Mirrahimy
In an upsweeping musical road trip, Dj Robert Soko, known for his Balkan Beats, searches for a new ‘sound of Europe’ with the help of refugee musicians. After the film, we’ll discuss his work together with director Sergej Kreso and Soko himself.

When Robert Soko fled the war in Yugoslavia as a teenager, he used Western music and rousing Balkan rhythms to mix cultures, and became a famous Balkan Beats DJ in Berlin and the European club scene. In the documentary Here We Move Here We Groove, Soko goes searching for people like himself: refugees who have left home behind, but still carry their unique sound and culture within them. With them, he starts making music.
Director Sergej Kreso, a refugee himself, follows the passionate journey of Robert Soko. This evening, we will discuss the film with Kreso and Soko; the encounters they have had, the musical boundaries that they have shattered, and the way the identity of Europe has changed.


Sergej Kreso was born in Sarajevo and studied journalism. During the war in 1993, Kreso moved to the Netherlands, where he continued his work as a documentary filmmaker. He has made a trilogy about the war and is famous for films like Kaffeefahrt ins Krematorium and Vraem Luuj. He is also a musician and was part of multiple bands in Sarajevo.

Robert Soko left his native Bosnia in anticipation of the turmoil to come in the 1990s. After, he developed an interest in the local music he had firmly ignored while still there. But when he finally took to it, he really did take to it: he has made it a worldwide success through his brand the BalkanBeats!


Sergej KresoDirector
Robert SokoDJ