IDFA: Youth 13+: Where Am I From? & Boyz + Q&A

Running time
12’+ 72′
English, Arabic, German
During this screening, the films Where Am I From? and Boyz will be followed by a Q&A.

Where Am I From?

In Where Am I From? Nouf is repeatedly asked, “where are you from?” She turns to AI for an answer. She and AI talk about the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and the AI narrator analyses images to find an answer for her. A clever way of showing the limitations of our perception of the other, as well as the limitations of machine learning.

Nouf Aljowaysir – 12′ – United States, Saidi Arabia – Arabic, English

Boyz portrays three smart, fun, popular boys as they enjoy partying, hanging out and talking about their future. They are close friends, but will soon have to part ways as student life draws to an end. This film is refreshing in how it depicts intimate male friendships in a way we rarely see, as the friends discuss vulnerabilities, insecurity about penis size and wanting the first time to be special.

Sylvian Cruiziat – 72′ – Germany – English, German


After the screening, the filmmakers will join us on stage for a short Q&A with the audience.

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