Shifting Pictures: Close Enough + Q&A

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Animated/live-action hybrid film delivering a satirical look on cinema, music and life

Valentin Urziceanu
running time
spoken language
Stefan Malešević
Close Enough follows the adventures of Giani – a Roma boy who, in a Europe torn apart by the Second World War, travels from Bucharest to Paris to meet his idol, Django Reinhardt. Giani embarks on this dangerous journey in the middle of the raging Second World War, as he hopes Django will teach him how to become a great guitar player.

The animated story of Giani is intertwined with the quasi-documentary drama of director Valentin, as he faces real-life constraints to his creativity. The eventful plot of Close Enough weaves a story about the challenges we need to overcome in order to fulfil our dreams, sparkled with a healthy dose of slapstick humour and numerous cinematic references.

After the film, the director (and protagonist) Valentin Urziceanu engages with the audience in a Q&A.

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Valentin Urziceanu is a Romanian scriptwriter and director of animated films. He is also the founder of ABI Fundație, through which he implemented international cultural projects, film festivals and educational workshops.


Valentin UrziceanuThe director (and protagonist)