The Last Queen: film & talk

Part of Maghreb Film Festival X De Balie

Adila Bendimerad
Damien Ounouri
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The Last Queen (La Dernière Reine) is set in Algeria, 1516. The pirate Aroudj Barbarossa liberates Algiers from the tyranny of the Spaniards and seizes control of the kingdom. Rumor has it that he murdered King Salim Toumi, despite their alliance. Against all odds, a woman will stand up to him: Queen Zaphira. Between history and legend, the journey of this woman recounts a struggle, personal and political upheavals she endured for the well-being of Algiers…

The Maghreb Film Festival

The Maghreb Film Festival was started in Haarlem by Brothers Hakim and Karim Traïdia to showcase films by independent North African makers. In its four previous editions the festival introduced a young but lively film tradition to Dutch audiences.
In 2024, De Balie collaborates for the second time with MFF, with a curated selection of their 2024 program. We offer a window to current cinema from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, by presenting one film from each of these countries, followed by conversations with the filmmakers.

Information about the speaker

Mehdi Benaissa is a film producer who studied at the famous Parisian school Femis. He is known for producing films such as Algeria from Above and Feet on the Ground.


Mehdi BenaissaFilm producer