Ukrainian (Film) History 101: Oxygen Starvation

Donchyk’s first and only feature film explores the brutality of the customs inside the Soviet army.

Andrii Donchyk
Running time
Country of origin
Ukraine, Canada
Довженко-Центр / Dovzhenko Centre
100% of the ticket sales are forwarded to the largest Ukrainian film archive – Dovzhenko Centre in Kyiv, that is struggling to keep its doors open during the invasion.

Shortly after the declaration of Ukrainian independence, Andrii Donchyk teamed up with Yurii Andrukhovych, a young promising writer at the time, to write a screenplay based on their traumatizing experiences in the Soviet Army, where the new recruits customarily suffer abuse from their older colleagues.

Production of the film started before the collapse of the communist regime, but it took three years to complete it because of issues with script censorship and financial difficulties. The film was supported by donations from Ukrainian diaspora, making it one of the first independently produced films in Ukraine.

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1st June Zvenigora
7th June Shadows of Forgotten
Ancestors + Kyiv Frescoes

14th June Asthenic Syndrome
21st June Oxygen Starvation

All screenings begin at 19:30.

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