WCA: De Libi

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World Cinema Amsterdam: Dutch film De Libi

This comical “road movie” follows the friends Bilal, Gregg and Kev on their 24-hour quest across Amsterdam. A film about an irrepressible zest for life and dreams of a future filled with endless possibilities.

Bilal and Gregg are kicked out of class by their art teacher, a good reason to skip school for the rest of the day. Events take an interesting turn when they meet slightly older cute Jessie. Bilal is especially taken with her. She agrees to see the boys again, though only if they’ll come to the exclusive nightclub Jimmy Woo. The chances of them ever getting past the doorman are next to none. But maybe… This is where they will need Kev. An absurd 24-hour quest to get into Jimmy Woo begins.

About the director:

Director Shady El-Hamus (1988, Amsterdam) had mainly shot short films, especially impressing critics with the multi-award winning Nachtschade in 2017. With this first feature, he set out take the film world by storm.