WCA: Mountain Song + Q&A + Short Film

World Cinema Amsterdam: Indonesian film Mountain Song + Q&A with director Yusuf Radjamuda.

6-year-old Gimba lives with his mother in a remote corner of Sulawesi. She is ill and he is afraid she will die. To comfort him, she has taught him a special song that brings calm and happiness when he is alone.

6-year-old shy Gimba lives with his sick mother in the mountains of Pipikoro, a remote area in Sulawesi. Anyone becoming seriously ill in this area has to be carried downhill on a stretcher to get to hospital. Many patients – like Gimba’s father – do not survive the journey. Afraid of losing his mother as well, Gimba has hardly left her side since. To reassure him she teaches him a song that brings calm and happiness when you are alone. He often retreats to a shady spot, somewhere between the villages and the rice fields, waiting for Lara, a mysterious girl, also 6 years old, who sometimes suddenly appears from the forest.

After the film screening  there will be a Q&A with the director.

This film + Q&A is free of charge for members of We Are Public

+ Short Film: Rest in Peace

The life of Santoso and his wife Wati breaks apart when their son Agung dies unexpectedly. Santoso is faced with the difficult task of preparing the funeral.

About the directors:

Yusuf Radjamuda (1979, Indonesia) is a self-taught film-maker who works in Indonesia. His short Backyard won several awards, including Best Director at the France-Cinema Festival 2013 and competed in the Dubai International Film Festival 2013, Vladivostok IFF 2014, Tissa IFF Morocco 2014 and Experimenta Bangalore India, 2015. Mountain Song is Yusuf’s debut feature film.

Mohammad Reza Fahriyansyah (1993, Indonesia) is a filmdirector and screenwriter.


Yusuf Radjamuda(1979, Indonesia) Filmdirector
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