WCA: Öndög

A police car is driving across the Mongolian steppe. Suddenly, the policemen see a terrible sight in the arc of their headlights: the naked body of a woman.

An 18-year-old rookie is left behind to guard the corpse. He is joined by a herdswoman who is a skilled shot with her rifle, which could come in handy given the many hungry wolves roaming about. As the cold night falls, she smokes a cigarette and shares her lamb soup with him. Inebriated, they eventually end up in each other’s arms.

About the director:

Wang Quan’an (1965, China) is a Chinese screenwriter and director who graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1991. His first two features, Lunar Eclipse (1999) and The Story of Ermei (2004) screened at the Berlinale and his third, Tuya’s Marriage (2006), won the 2007 Golden Bear for Best Film. His 2010 film Apart Together won the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay.

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