WCA: Sibel

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World Cinema Amsterdam: Turkish film Sibel.

In the Turkish mountain village Kuşköy, near the Black Sea, they speak two different languages. In addition to the spoken language, they also communicate through whistling. For 25-year-old Sibel it’s the only language at her disposal, as she is mute. Her fellow villagers shun her as if she is cursed.

To win them over, she decides to go search for a dangerous wolf, which particularly the women in the village are afraid of. One day, instead of the wolf, she encounters a wounded man, a deserter who is running from the police. He sees her with different eyes.

Writer-director duo Guillaume Giovanetti and Çağla Zencirci tell a story about the position of women in Turkey. Stifling traditions and lack of compassion. They blend these themes with fairy-tale elements, such as from Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. The magical nature plays a central role.

About the directors:

Çağla Zencirci (1976, Turkey) & Guillaume Giovanetti (1978, France) are a directorial duo based in Paris and Istanbul whose shorts and two features – Noor (2014) and Ningen (2015) – have been selected for more than 200 festivals and awarded more than 40 times. Sibel (2018) is their third feature, and was selected for the Competition at Locarno International Film Festival 2018.