Ali Mahmoud

6 november – 29 november 2021

Ali Mahmoud

EXPO November

As the 4th child of my parents I was born in 1988 at Damascus, the capital of Syria. While life was going wonderful I started to create art and when I was 8 years old I had my first exhibition. Years go by and in 2009 I started in Damascus at the University of fine arts. Halfway during my study, in 2011, the war in Syria started, which had a big influence on my graduation project during 2013.

Thats where the story of my newest art project, which you can see now at De Balie, started. I had to leave Syria because of the war and started to travel. I went to Libanon, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungaria and Austria to end up in Germany where I lived for 4 years in Augsburg. Now, a few years later, I painted every step of this journey to show you all the emotions during the travelling. 

In 2019 I finished the last part of this journey, love brought me to The Netherlands, which is also the last artwork of this project.

In this exhibition I tell you my story, and I hope you can feel a part of the feelings I had during a journey millions of refugees from Syria had to make.

Instagram: art_life_infinity
Facebook: Ali Mahmoud Arts

Open water – Ali Mahmoud, Fotografie door Monique Bellier