Eva Bartels

1 juni – 1 augustus 2020

Eva Bartels

The painted works of Eva Bartels reflects her fascination for strong female characters, the suffocating decadents and the feeling of being lost in it. Themes that function as point of departures are resting characters in quarantine like settings, isolated and contemplating about life, observing the stillness of the world within. Loneliness peeps softly trough the bright strokes on the colorful surface. The characters in Bartels’ work are standing still or laying down as a pupa in a cocoon ready to transform. But first isolation and solitude.
Eva Bartels

Eva Bartels is an Amsterdam based multidisciplinair artist fascinated by identity. She researches the arch types within her own being by using several artistic disciplines, such as VR, film, painting, writing and performance. As an artist she often uses her own body as a tool by acting, modeling and performing in her own work.

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