Mario Sanchez

17 juli – 4 september 2022

Mario Sanchez

EXPO April

I’m Mario Sánchez, a 26 year old upcoming artist from Amsterdam. I’ve always had tons of creativity. As a child I widely explored my creativity by writing poems, drawing characters and graffiti. As I went to high school, I was confronted with the stigma’s that exist around creative people. This created an inner conflict for me, because I loved creating, but I didn’t want to be associated with any stigma. 
After high school, I went to university, and obtained my BA (business administration) degree. I then took some time to closely listen to my deepest desires. It was at this moment that I felt the confidence to re-open my chamber of creativity, while not being afraid of being associated with a stigma. My goal is to inspire people to pursue their creative ambitions. 

Everyone is born with infinite creativity. The key to remaining creative is to remain playful.

Most of my work can be categorized as Fluid Art, as I use large quantities of paint, which flow over the canvas while still “fluid”. By mixing the paints with different pouring mediums and substances, I create a chemistry-like reaction on the canvas, which I refer to as #MagicOnCanvas

I’m currently focussing on making new artworks and further developing my style. Moreover, I am open to all kinds of collaborations.  

Stay in your Magic

Instagram: mariosanchez_art