So Far, Yet So Close

1 mei – 21 mei 2022

Vika Mitrichenko, Lena Davidovich, Tasha Arlova, Hanna Aksionava, Masha Maroz, Anna Sokolova, Maria Komarova & Sviatlana Silich

1 – 21 may

Every day we  wake up and look at the news, and sometimes you can  feel paralysed and silenced in the face of evil and terror. But despite all circumstances we chose to raise my voice and say out loud  ‘No!’- no to the war, no to the oppression, no to the death

Lena Davidovich, artist & initiator of the exhibition

Female artists from Belarus will share their personal stories and search for roots, traces and histories to understand where they come from. Each of the artists chooses a different strategy to come into terms with their past. They join their voices against the current oppressive regime, and stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

Image: Anna Sokolova, White – Red – White (Film still)

This exhibition is part of So Far, Yet So Close: A day-long program of talks, film, and art about the war in Ukraine, activism and the fight against authoritarianism from a Belarusian perspective.