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May 17th – 21st

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Double Exposure: Ukraine in the 90s

The 90s nostalgia is in full swing, with its fashion, music, and blockbuster remakes. But for Western Europe, this decade brought an utterly different experience than it did for the countries behind the ‘Iron Curtain’. Being haunted by the ghosts of the Soviet past, devastated by the decade’s omnipresent poverty and steep rise in crime, Ukraine was in the process of reinventing itself and gaining political agency.

“Double Exposure: Ukraine in the 90s” is a collaboration between De Balie and a group of Ukrainian film critics who are members of the curatorial team behind the renowned Ukrainian film festival – Kyiv Critics` Week (KCW). It presents a window into a little-discussed period of Ukrainian history in the West, as most of the talks and studies focus either on the Soviet period or the period after Euromaidan.

Between May 17th and 21st, we will showcase films either shot in 1990s Ukraine or depicting this period of national awakening, handpicked by Ukrainian critics Hanna Datsiuk, Serhii Ksaverov, Daria Badior, and our cinema curator. Each screening will be followed by a discussion between one of the KCW curators and a Dutch film critic, with the closing event featuring a live music performance revolving around the life and work of Sergei Parajanov.

In this way De Balie facilitates a space for conversation about the Ukrainian past and present beyond the omnipresent war-reports or Soviet era commonplaces. This space is introduced through screenings of hidden gems and newest successes of Ukrainian cinema.

The link between KCW and De Balie was facilitated by Tetiana Mala, an independent Ukrainian cultural worker, who also serves as the project manager for this collaboration.

Scroll down to see the full programme from May 17th – 21st .

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