1 Night, 12 Hours, 100 Questions – interview marathon

720 minuten

Video On Demand: De Balie TV + De Balie Vimeo. Architect Rem Koolhaas and political theorist Luuk van Middelaar will conduct a nonstop, 12hr interview marathon with a list of exciting guests. Within a single night, 12 hours, 100 questions, Koolhaas & Van Middelaar will search for an answer to the complex question: what is Europe?  What is Europe? This question can be answered in countless variations on the theme. Rem Koolhaas, Luuk van Middelaar and Yoeri Albrecht will go in search of the answer within the brackets of 12 hours, hoping to find it in nonstop conversations with impressive guests from the world of art, philosophy and politics. What does Europe mean to them? Is there such a thing as European culture and identity to begin with, and if so, what should define it? Rem Koolhaas is a globally acclaimed Dutch architect, known for his innovative and daring designs. He chairs the influential architectural bureau OMA in Rotterdam, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and Doha. Luuk van Middelaar is a political theorist, historian and the author of the awarded book A Passage to Europe. Yoeri Albrecht is director of De Balie. Koolhaas previously held an interview marathon in 2006, at the established London Serpentine Gallery. Ten years on, Rem Koolhaas takes on the challenge once again.

Language: English