’89 – Ztohoven: Masterclass Art & Activism

90 minuten

This masterclass is in English. Ztohoven, the controversial and award-winning artist collective, will give a masterclass about art and activism. The focus of this masterclass will be on the role of art in social relations. How can art influence and intervene in society? Artists have played a key-role in the dissident movement in Prague in the ‘80’s. How has art and the role of the artist developed since then? What has changed in the last 25 years? And what role can art play in those changes? About Ztohoven:
“From the intervention of a live broadcast of Czech Television to the virtual interaction with politician’s mobile phones, we as members of the Ztohoven group are associated with hacking. The inspiration of technological innovation and its potential impact on society led us to a tight interaction with the hacker’s scene. As we understand the connection between the arts, science and technology as a tool to highlight the authoritarian tendencies which entered into our daily lives with the development of modern technologies, we decided to join the international hackers network and to establish a hacker space called Institute Cryptoanarchy.”
  This programme is part of '89, further information can be found here. 
In collaboration with Stichting Democratie en Media and Club Interbellum.
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