A childhood in South-Africa

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Video-On-Demand via De Balie TV + De Balie Vimeo. The 1970s. Apartheid South Africa. A situation of profound division, both in the country at large, and in many homes, as children turn against the values of their parents. For many writers, early memories powerfully shape their fiction. But what if the world of childhood is a house divided? What if the surrounding politics pose seemingly insurmountable questions — about power, freedom, love, survival from day to day? Elleke Boehmer, novelist and critic, confronts these questions in her new novel, Op de Veranda (English title: The Shouting in the Dark’). For main character Ella and her family these divisions are further complicated by the Second World War nightmares of her Netherlands father Har. Elleke Boehmer explores the effect of political change on an immigrant family and asks about growing up during apartheid, in the dying days of a colonial system. How is a child impacted by racism? How does she throw off the dead hand of her father’s control? The writer Karin Amatmoekrim and the writer and public intellectual Naomi Wolf will join the conversation about memory, family, resisting oppression and writing fiction. Wim Manuhutu, historian and heritage professional, will moderate the programme. Elleke Boehmer is novelist, critic, professor of World Literature in English at Oxford University, and a founding figure in the field of postcolonial literature. She has written five novels, including Screens against the Sky (short-listed David Hyam Prize, 1990), Bloodlines (shortlisted SANLAM prize), and Nile Baby (2008). Her non-fiction works include a biography of Nelson Mandela (2008), Stories of Women (2005) and the anthology Empire Writing (1998).     Aanbevolen literatuur:   Op de veranda
auteur: Elleke Boehmer In Op de veranda vertelt Elleke Boehmer het grootse, aangrijpende verhaal van een dochter die ondanks haar vreedzame idealen genoodzaakt is te vechten. Tegen de vooroordelen van haar klasgenoten en de mensen om haar heen; en tegen haar eigen vader, voor wie haar liefde en onbegrip wedijveren in een klassiek conflict. 
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