ADE University

360 minuten

ADE University aims to inspire and educate students and young music industry professionals. ADE University offers a unique program full of interactive discussions, lectures and Q&A’s, creating a big opportunity for future music professionals to exchange ideas with top professionals from the EDM industry.

From classroom to boardroom
ADE University offers the opportunity to get in touch with leading entertainment companies and influential decision-makers who can boost your career. Entrepreneurs, management and marketing master classes
Over three days of highly focused programming, ADE University brings together a broad selection of entertainment professionals who are eager to share their passion, experiences and knowledge.

Global Intern Program
Together with leading entertainment brands, ADE has launched a unique intern program to exchange and nurture talent around the world.

Days & Topics:
Wednesday 14/10: Marketing
Thursday 15/10: Entrepreneurship
Friday 16/10: Artist & event management More information: