Afrovibes – Womb of Fire

This contemporary feminist story will be performed for the first time in The Netherlands during Afrovibes Festival 2018!

We’re no longer lamenting. We’re roaring.” – Sara Matchett (director Womb of Fire)

The South-African theatre performance Womb of Fire powerfully shows the power of women who resist their oppressors, free themselves, and claim their own land.

Womb of Fire explores the power of the female body in contemporary South-Africa where the power relations of its colonial past are still very much present. The performance combines stories from South-Africa’s daily life, with an old Indian epos, and the histories of two women at the time of the Dutch colonial rule. South-African director Sara Matchett will give an introduction to the performance.

Unutterably beautiful, inexorably painful, it’s a production that leaves one floundering for breath after its startling conclusion” – Review WeekendSpecial South-Africa

Language: English

This programme is part of the Afrovibes Festival (4 – 14 October 2018). For two days Afrovibes Festival will take place in De Balie and give new perspectives on the African continent by staging contemporary and urban theatre, dance, and music. This year’s theme is ‘LAND’. Artistic director of the festival is Jay Pather, director of the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) at the University of Cape Town.