An intimate conversation: Being Black in Europe

What does it mean to be black in Europe, in the European Union?

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Black Achievement Month
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On this night, we talk about the black European Identity. On a continent with so many cultures, nationalities and identities, what ties the Afro-Europeans together, what should we focus on and how can we connect the history to the present?

We have an intimate, indepth conversation with Rokhaya Diallo, journalist, author, filmmaker, and activist for racial, gender and religious equality. She published several books on racism, among which Racism: a guide, Me, racist? Never! Scenes of ordinary racism and How to talk to kids about racism. Together with Francio Guadeloupe, we search for another discours to talk about race and racism within Europe. Often, the American discourse is used to talk about these issues, but is that fruitful and useful, what can we borrow and what should be defined in another way?

An evening about the current state of racism within Europe and France in particular, and discuss what needs to be done.


Rokhaya Diallo is a French journalist, author, filmmaker, and activist for racial, gender and religious equality. She is a BET-France host and has produced and/or directed documentaries, TV and radio programs. She has published: Racism: a guide, France Belongs to Us, France: One and Multicultural and How to talk to kids about racism, a graphic novel Pari(s) d’Amies, and Afro! featuring Afro-Parisians who choose natural hairstyles.

Dr. Francio Guadeloupe, a social & cultural anthropologist and development sociologist by training, is the President of the University of St. Martin in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten on the bi-national island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin (Dutch and French Caribbean). Guadeloupe’s work can be described as a scholarship of possibilities seeking to undo the guiding fictions of “race”, sexism, and the naturalization of class hierarchies that have become entrenched in our thinking, behavior, and institutional arrangements.

Jörgen UNOM JG (Jörgen Gario), is a caribbean poet and songwriter. He is part of the Poetry Circle Nowhere, a performance poetry collective based in Amsterdam. Combining spoken word and music he explores the energy of melody and poetry as one He is performing all over the Netherlands and has also taken the stage in Italy, England, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Tanzania and South Africa.Sinds may 2019, three of his poems have been published in an anotholgy named ‘Hardop Spoken Word in Nederland’ by publishing house Atlas contact.

The moderator of this evening is Aldith Hunkar. Hunkar is a former newsanchor for the National Dutch News. She was born in Paramaribo and traveled with her family to Malaysia, Brazil and Tunesia. She now lives in the Netherlands and Jamaica. The theme of home is something she can relate to and her presence will lift up the conversation with our guests.

This programme is part of the Black Achievement Month


Aldith HunkarModerator
Rokhaya Diallo Journalist and writer
Francio GuadeloupeSocial & cultural anthropologist
Jörgen UNOM JGCaribbean poet and songwriter


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