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During the day on Saturday the 13th there will be a private workgroup. Select members from the Arbeit an Europa initiative will come together with Dutch thinkers to discuss the theme ‘future’.

Arbeit an Europa is a voluntary organisation with the aim of strengthening European consciousness by exploring and questioning key concepts that have shaped Europe as an idea. Themed meetings across the year in different European regions and places – away from the capital cities yet representative for the overarching theme – involve workshops, public discussions, and the exchange of ideas with young people locally. Previous visits and themes were: Thuringia (home), Tessin (elite), Elsass (safety/security), Sicily (resistance), Manchester (work). In Amsterdam the theme will be ‘future’.


Arbeit an Europa is a registered association of young writers and professionals, including Simon Strauss (author and journalist, F.A.Z.), Nora Bossong (author), Robert Eberhardt (publisher and gallery owner), Jan Starmans (economist), Barbara von Grayling-Westphal (lawyer), Lisa Schulze (UK government economist), Sarah Bühler (classicist) and Tom Müller (publisher and author).

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Simon Strauss (1988) is a German journalist, historian and author. He studied classical studies and history in Basel and from 2012 till 2016 pursued his PhD at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. In 2017 he released his debut novel Sieben Nächte (2017) to much critical acclaim. The German newspaper Tagesspiegel hailed him as one the greatest talents of his generation. He is also part of the Arbeit an Europa initiative.

Tom Müller (1982) is a German publicist and author. He studied Romance studies and German language and culture. He founded the Lauthalspodium in Berlin for young musicians, authors and illustrators. He is director of publishing house Tropen in Berlin. This Fall his debutnovel Die jügsten Tage will appear.

Jan Starmans (1985, Aachen) studied economics and mathematics in Tübingen and Berlin. He holds a PhD in finance and is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Bastiaan Rijpkema (1987) is a Dutch legal philosopher, author and a university lecturer at Leiden University. He (co-)wrote several publications on law and democracy. He writes for NRC Handelsblad and Trouw.

Tamar de Waal (1988) is a Dutch legal philosopher and university lecturer at the UvA Amsterdam Law School. She studied Philosophy and Law. She is chair of Foundation Civic. Her research focuses on migration, integration requirements and democratic citizenship, among other things.

Anne-Marijn Epker (1990) studied political science at the University of Amsterdam and specialised in international relations, international law and human rights. She works at De Balie as a program editor, where she mainly makes programs with a focus on freedom, Europe and human rights.

Katie Digan (1988) is a historian, specialized in theoretical history, heritage and cultural memory. Her academic publications include the bookPlaces of Memory: The Case of the House of the Wannsee Conference (Palgrave 2015) and articles on memory spaces and postwar antisemitism in the Netherlands. She has also written about international and national heritage debates for Dutch media. Her current PhD project is a study of the construction of the UNESCO world heritage concept (1920-2010), particularly its universalist ideals and its temporal politics.

Laurens Dassen is the President of Volt Nederland, part of the European movement ‘Volt Europa’. He joined Volt in Februari 2018, and co-founded the Dutch team. Before he worked in the financial sector in different roles in Amsterdam and Dubai. Laurens holds an MSc in Business Administration from the Radboud University Nijmegen.


Following the workgroup, there will be a program that touches on the same subject: Questioning the European Intellectual Elite. Some of the participants who joined the workgroup will also be speaking during the program.

The workgroup is closed off for audience.