Battle of Ideas

120 minuten

 This program will be in English VIDEO-ON-DEMAND via De Balie TV and via De Balie Vimeo.   In a co-operation with Battle of Ideas we explore the democratic crises of today through panel discussions with experts and an open dialogue with the audience. In the past two decennia symptoms of democratic tiredness are becoming more visible. Some important and measurable ones are: (1) increasingly lower voter turnout (2) citizens have less faith in elected officials, but elected officials also mistrust citizens to make rational judgments (3) people have less faith in democratic institutions (4) fewer and fewer people are member of a political party (5) people tend to switch in their voting more often than they used to. Traditional political parties (social democrats, liberals, conservatives) seem to be losing their structural grip on government in many European countries. Populist parties are increasingly popular amongst voters. They address the legitimacy problem with democracies within Europe. A substantial part of citizens don’t feel represented by elected officials. Technocrats can steer national or supranational entities out of crises, but their lack of legitimacy in the long run trumps their efficiency in the short run. The media landscape has become much more commercial which fuels polls, elections, short-term gains and spectacle instead of long-term navigation. Social media have given individuals a means to immediate feedback and the power to organize critique and protest within a second.
How can democracy find balance again between legitimacy and efficiency in this new societal configuration?
Frank Furedi (sociologist, commentator and author) joins the discussion as well as Maurits Kreijveld (futurologist), Evelien Tonkens (sociologist) and  Diederik Boomsma (environmental scientist & ecologist, councillor CDA Amsterdam). Angus Kennedy will be moderating the debate in English. >> More information about this debate
Programme editor: Rik Seveke (De Balie), co-producer: Marco Visscher (chef, curator Tegengeluid) In co-operation with Battle of Ideas, De Groene Amsterdammer en Tegengeluid.   Foto Evelien Tonkens: studio aksento