Change is in our hands

This programme is part of the festival Forum on European Culture, 4-7 June in Amsterdam. 

Mark Rutte encouraged the youth during a press conference in may- to actively engage in shaping our future society. During the live performance “In Search of Democracy 3.0”, Forum on European Culture and Company New Heroes invites you on their continuous research trip.

 In a highly interactive and entertaining show, full of stories and dialogue, the ensemble guides you through the history of democracy, through present problems and towards a possible future. A big, pleasant, theatrical investigation of the future of democracy, but also an active invitation to stand for new ideas. Because change is in our own hands.

A Gen Z Manifesto: Open Call!

In the run up to the performance In Search of Democracy 3.0, Dilara Bilgic (17) opens the dialogue within her generation and across the continent: in what kind of democracy do they want to live? And what can we do to get there? Together with Forum on European and Culture and New Heroes Dilara starts a chain letter project: A New Generation In Search of a New Democracy. All letters will be gathered and eventually gathered in a small publication. Together with these young people we will hand over the letters to the European Parliament.

Are you a passionate and bright young person (below 20) from Europe who needs to be heard? We are eager to connect with you and ask you to personally to join our project! For Dilara’s letter, guidelines and potential questions please email


Lucas de Man
Dilara Bilgic
Niels Kuiters