Civic Council – Talks Across Europe

This programme is part of the festival Forum on European Culture, 17 – 20 September in Amsterdam.

Leading international artists and thinkers discuss with local citizens in Amsterdam, Warsaw and  Palermo what kind of European cultural identity or demos we need as a necessary foundation for a pan-European democracy.

On September 17 and September 18, we kick off these sessions during the Forum on European Culture. We will start a digital discussion with Europeans from widely differing backgrounds.

The current crisis only increases the need for pan-European cooperation. For too long, the discourse on European politics has been voiced either by out-of-touch technocratic Brussels bureaucrats or by populists calling for a nostalgic U-turn to their nation-states. Yet, this current crisis might offer opportunity for Europe to truly find its feet; to get out of one of the biggest crises since WW2 – together.

Bearing this in mind, the Civic Council project proposes a route forward: during three meetings in Amsterdam, Palermo and Warsaw, international thinkers and artists explore with locals the possibility of a shared European story to serve as the fertile soil for a strong, united, and democratic Europe in the decades to come.


Livia GersterJournalist
Niccolò MilaneseDirector
Anna Galas- KosilCurator
Rytis ZemkauskasProfessor
Réka Kinga PappJournalist
Alicja GescinskaAuthor
Mathieu SegersProfessor
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