David Frum on the upcoming Presidential Elections

A conversation with David Frum

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This will be an online event only. You can watch the livestream on this page, it will start around 9:15 PM Amsterdam Time. Questions can be posed through Slido and this will be explained during the program.

De Balie and The John Adams Institute are pleased to announce David Frum. Frum is a journalist at The Atlantic and author. During this free livestream event he discusses the upcoming presidential elections with moderator Tim Wagemakers.

Political commentator David Frum will also discuss his latest book Trumpocalypse, in which he digs deep into the causes of our tragic national fragmentation. He also lays out a plan to restore democracy at home – and renew American leadership abroad. You could call it a manual for American survival.

David Frum served as special assistant and speechwriter to President George W. Bush. In Trumpocalypse, Frum analyzes the Trump presidency from a conservative, Republican perspective. He urges the GOP to rethink its future, noting that “no two-party system can remain a democracy unless both parties adhere to democratic values, not just one”.

Join us for an evening about what are shaping up to be the most important elections in American history.


David FrumJournalist, Author Trumpocalypse
Tim WagemakersModerator, program editor De Balie
Tracy MetzCo-host & Introduction, Director John Adams Institute
Click here for a review of the book and here for an audio excerpt.
Night of the Dictatorship

This program is part of Night of the Dictatorship, an annual, nationwide event to raise awareness of liberty, democracy and the rule of law. In Amsterdam, De Balie will host multiple discussions related to this topic.