Deep Talks: The War in Yemen

Deep talks: critical conflicts

Program Editor & moderator
Parwin Mirrahimy
Since 2015, a civil war has been raging in Yemen. The government, backed by a Saudi Arabia-led coalition, is fighting the Houthi rebels in the North. The Houthi rebels, fighting for autonomy, are backed by Iran. The conflict has driven Yemen into a status instability and chaos. It’s effects will echo through for decades. 

Seven years into the civil war, over 100.000 people have been killed and over thirteen million Yemeni civilians face starvation. Why has this brutal conflict been going on for all these years? Is there a solution in sight?

Deep Talks: an in-depth look in today’s critical conflicts 
We see headlines passing by but in depth analyses of violence in Myanmar, repression in Belarus and civil war in Somalia and Yemen seem crowded out by other national news. To get better understanding it’s time for thorough conversations with voices from countries itself. And listen to perspectives and information which are often overlooked in our western media. In Deep Talks we focus on the global developments and events that should be headlines and cannot be left unnoticed.


Floor Beuming works for Amnesty International NL as senior Officer Human Rights Programmes, specifically in the regions of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar. After finishing her study Arabic language and Culture, she worked for four years for the Democratic Institute in Yemen.

Abdulghani Al-Iryani is a senior researcher at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies where he focuses on the peace process, conflict analysis and transformations of the Yemeni state. Prior to joining the Sana’a Center, Al-Iryani worked with the United Nations in the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, as well as with the World Bank on issues related to the conflict in Yemen.


Floor BeumingAmnesty International
Abdulghani Al-IryaniSenior researcher Sana’a Center


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