Empowerment and health?

120 minuten

Concepts of empowerment are frequently advocated as a positive and proactive approach to health promotion and education. Despite (or perhaps because of) its popularity, the concept of empowerment remains under-theorized. This IS Academie Education and International Development public lecture is geared to unpacking the notion of empowerment and examine how a more nuanced understanding can support efforts to improve young people’s health and rights. Presenter: Dr. Grace Spencer, University of Nottingham, UK Drawing on data from a close-focused enquiry with young people in England, Grace Spencer will discuss some of the theoretical contradictions and operational complexities for understanding empowerment as it relates to young people, their health and rights education more broadly. Discussant: Dr. Miranda van Reeuwijk, RutgersWPF Miranda van Reeuwijk will provide a reflection on the possible implications of the issues raised by Dr. Spencer for SRHR-related education in the Global South.   Admission is free. Registration not required. Don't be late because of the limited capacity.