Europe Open Podium

240 minuten

In search for vital frames for Europe
With every half hour a short pitch or dialogue (10 minutes) on the Salon Stage & Conversations with a beer, wine or orange jus with speakers and all participants in Salon, Balie Café en Rotonde. With
EBN, European Alternatives, Reclaim Europe partners, Bridging Europe, SIB, Commons Network/European Commons Assembly, happyChaos, Network Democratie, De Beweging, Diem25, Open Knowledge International, Europeana, Pulse of Europe, We25Million, Are We Europe (AWE), Spring to Come Foundation, GeoffreyNice Foundation, and many more… Languages
Dutch and English (and whatever else one wishes to speak) And presentations at roundtables of
New alliances, new democracy, new relations with the world.
  For more information, visit the website or have a look at the complete program.