Fullscreen VR & The Implications For The Music Industry

90 minuten

Video On Demand: De Balie TV + De Balie Vimeo. If there is anyplace within the music industry where Virtual Reality has been making some headway, it’s music videos. Major artists like Björk, The Weeknd and Foals have been experimenting with VR, which seems eminently equipped to explore the freeform possibilities of music video. Is this the new frontier in experiencing music, or a pricey gimmick for the happy few? Dutch artist, musician and Jaunt creative director Steye Hallema is a pioneer in VR music video and will share his ideas. A panel will discuss the subject and host Job de Wit (of Amsterdam’s regular music video night Fullscreen) will be showing the best VR music videos. IMPORTANT NOTE: Between 20.00-21.00 you have the opportunity to experience three VR music video clips. Please be on time and if you have to wait a little bit just have a drink at the bar.    De Balie is one of the venues of the VR Days Europe 2016: 3, 4, 5, 6 november.