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With far-right governments in power in both Washington and Jerusalem, an examination of Israel’s state-sponsored race wars against the indigenous Palestinians is in order.


An unflinching look at the last decade under Netanyahu serves as a primer on his playbook, one which reactionaries on both sides of the Atlantic seem keen on copy-pasting. Can people of conscience help roll back this rise of right-wing extremists?

David Sheen, born in Canada, is an journalist and filmmaker known for his clarifying reportings and analysis on the ground from the daily events in Israel and Palestine. For a wide variety of local, regional and international outlets. His work focuses primarily on racial tensions and religious extremism. In the recent years he has lectured on these topics at dozens of US universities and half a dozen European parliaments. In 2017 the Irish human rights group Front Line Defenders recognized Sheen as a Human Rights Defender for his reporting.

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The lecture is given in English and the entrance fee includes a consumption after the lecture.

This event is sponsored by Leonhard-Woltjer Stichting, The Rights ForumKAIROS SABEEL and docP.


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