HF: Artist to artist: with adrienne maree brown

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What happens when art and activism intersect? Renowned activist and writer adrienne maree brown takes inspiration from the visionary Afro-American science-fiction writer Octavia Butler and her exploration of humanity’s relationship with change, exploring themes such as community upliftment, emergence, social justice, and joy.

During this artist-to-artist event, adrienne maree brown, author of captivating books such as Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism will give us insights into what moves her both personally and artistically. Additionally she will engage in conversation with writer and social commentator Munganyende Hélène Christelle, theatre maker Gavin-Viano, and visual artist and fashion designer Bodil Ouédraogo.

Holland Festival

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About the speakers

adrienne maree brown (1978) develops healing ideas through her versatile texts, music, and podcasts. Brown has developed Emergent Strategy, Pleasure Activism, Radical Imagination, and Transformative Justice as ideas and practices for change. She is the author/editor of various publications and founder of the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute, where she currently serves as writer-in-residence.

Theatremaker and actor Gavin-Viano’s work radiates social urgency. Through his grassroots initiatives, he addresses themes that affect the black community, the human rights community, the LGBTQIA+ community, and vulnerable youth. In 2021, he released his first Frascati production, the trilogy Ach Mijn Wederhelft and in June 2022, he premiered his second production, Bloodscent. His latest work with Frascati Producties is Multiversum (Onlosmakelijk verbonden), exploring the power of childish imagination and perspective in healing trauma. 

Munganyende Hélène Christelle is a social commentator, activist, and writer. She writes socially critical prose and essays, and in 2021, her compiled book Liberté, égalité, Beyoncé! was released. Munganyende is also one-third of the podcast “Fufu & Dadels.” In 2020, she was named one of the thirty Dutch “Greta Thunbergs” by ELLE, recognizing her as a world-changer to watch.

Dutch-Burkinabè visual artist and fashion designer Bodil Ouédraogo explores the intersection of clothing and cultural contexts. Her work goes beyond fashion design, incorporating textiles, music, and dance into immersive installations. Under the umbrella of The Art of Dressing Up, she continually adds new chapters of research, which she translates into performances. In recognition of her talent, Bodil was awarded the Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst (categorie: Stimuleringsprijs) in 2022.


adrienne maree brownWriter, Performer and podcaster
Munganyende Hélène ChristelleSocial commentator, activist and writer
Gavin-VianoTheatremaker and actor | Photo: Lalo Torre
Bodil OuédraogoVisual artist and fashion designer | Photo: Anne Lakeman