Inter-spaces: the spaces of encounter between Europeans new and old

120 minuten

The arrival of new migrants in Europe’s cities over the past year has been frequently presented as an unprecedented ‘crisis’ – of the EU’s border regime and migrant integration, but also of presumed European values of refuge, hospitality and conviviality. This public forum contests such simplistic depictions. It will draw attention to the actual spaces and sites where encounters between ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europeans are being experienced today in creative but also in everyday fashion. The debate brings together a diverse group of activists and artists, practitioners and academics. They will reflect in a debate that aims to blur also the boundaries of audience and expert how we, as European citizens, can contribute to the making of such ‘inter-spaces’, beyond official discourses and fear-raising propaganda. This public debate is a prelude to the international conference organized by ACCESS EUROPE on “Spaces of Tolerance? The Politics and Geopolitics of Religious Freedom in Europe” taking place on Friday 16th December. Moderator: Caroline de Gruyter, Vienna correspondent for NRC Handelsblad and staff writer of Carnegie Europe.